At Broxburn Vegetables we pride ourselves in growing superior quality field and greenhouse fruits and vegetables. We presently operate a 3 acre greenhouse that is heated by 2 natural gas boilers. These boilers are 95% energy efficient. The latest addition to the greenhouse also has an energy curtain to help reduce the loss of heat in the evening and provide shade to the crop when necessary. The greenhouses are filled with peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. The vine ripened peppers provide the most flavour and nutrients. In the greenhouse we grow crops the biological way, which means we introduce bugs to kill the pests, so we do not have to use pesticides. In this way we have a superior pepper that is healthier to eat. The most common pest on peppers is aphids, which we control with a variety of predators. The predators are purchased from around the world and are released in the greenhouse on weekly bases. We choose our variety of tomatoes carefully so the customer gets the maximum flavour. Harvesting vine ripened tomatoes daily ensures mothers natures best benefit. We also grow long English cucumbers, mini cucumbers, egg plant, beans and butter head lettuce in the greenhouse. Harvest in the greenhouses starts in February with mini cucumbers and continues until December when we clean out the greenhouses and put in a new crop. Our primary field U-pick crops are strawberries and raspberries. The ever bearing strawberries produces extremely sweet berries right up to the first killing frost. This often is later in September or sometimes in October. The cool prairie nights contribute to the sweetness of the berries. Further, we grow cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, onions, pumpkins, zucchini, squash, oriental vegetables, and herbs. In May of 2004 we opened our produce store and we offer a range of produce beside the crops we grow ourselves, such as potatoes, carrots, beets and celery. At Broxburn Vegetables we sell produce from local farmers of whom we are 100% comfortable with their farming practices. B.C. cherries are also available in season.

Our motto is “from plant to plate”. We deliver fresh greenhouse and field produce to a number of restaurants from Calgary to Lake Louise. Chefs have come to enjoy the freshness of the product, knowing the produce often was picked the day before delivery.

Our produce is available at the Lethbridge Farmers Market, Market on Macleod and Crossroads Farmer's Market in Calgary, the Okotoks Market, and on the farm.

Come on over and enjoy a country experience!